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Our requirements for artwork vary depending on the job and type of work being done. Do you remember this saying, "The paint job is only as good as the 'prep' job?" Well, the same goes for printing and embroidery. If we have bad artwork then we'll have a heck of a time getting good embroidery. When we prepare jobs whether it's printing or embroidery, we need crisp, clean lines and shapes, words, colors, ...you get the hint. We will help you in this stage to determine whether the artwork you have will work for what you have in mind. We want this to be as painless as possible for you. Always remember, your 'artwork' is your 'prep work'! We can handle the rest!

Whats Accepted...
We accept most forms of artwork either from electronic art platforms such as Illustrator & Corel Draw, to us scanning your business card. River City T's reserves the right to decline artwork not suitable
for the specified job. We will advise you in what changes are needed with your artwork and get your approval before we move ahead with the job.

Acceptable embroidery files
.DST is the most popular
.POF - .PED - .KWK
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