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Creating or finding that logo for your apparel is one of the fun parts of ordering. But you need to be cautious. Depending on how the logo is embroidered will contribute how the logo comes out on the apparel. Different kinds of apparel require different techniques of digitizing the logo for a good outcome after it's ran on the machine.

So... when you go to find a logo, sometimes it's best to have the logo digitized for that specific fabric or apparel. We run into customers a lot that need us to revise the logo so it will accurately be sewn. So first, decide what the logo is going on and we can advise you if a logo is suitable for sewing on your chosen garment. We then can offer you a full explanation if it isn't and needs to be revised. We promise this will save you wasted time and frustration later on.

So now that you are aware of is a company website that we are affiliated with...

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